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But first, what is the best way to learn a language?

According to language experts, there are a few strategies that will make language learning easier. Learners should first focus on sounds and memorizing those first, rather than grammar rules or spelling. It’s also effective to use a technique called spaced repetition, which involves practicing a new language in lessons that are repeated and spaced apart.

Experts also recommend studying a new language before you go to sleep to help boost your memory, according to an article by Life Hack.

Short Babbel review:

Overall, Babbel is a good language learning app, although users say it does have some flaws. It will certainly help users learn a language. It’s certainly worth trying, and since a subscription to Babbel is relatively inexpensive, there’s little risk if you end up not enjoying it.

Continue reading to learn more about Babbel and what real Babbel users have to say about it!

What is Babbel, and what is it designed for?

Babbel is an online language learning platform that is designed around a didactic teaching method that focuses on language communication, cognition, behavior, and construction. Babbel is designed for language learners at any level who can commit some regular time to learn a new language each day.

Babbel is designed for anyone who wants to learn a language online with a curriculum that gets progressively more advanced conversations. Babbel immerses learners in a new language and teaches them by using real-life dialogue rather than grammar or vocabulary drills.

Languages you can learn on Babbel: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Indonesian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, and Turkish

How does Babbel work?

Babbel was designed by a large team of linguists who wanted to create as personal of an approach as possible to online language learning. That means learners will get lessons that help them achieve their goals and teach them content that they want to be able to use in real life.

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Can Babbel have multiple users?

For best results, Babbel should not have multiple users on one account.

Babbel tailors its lessons to each learner, rather than for multiple users. An individual learner on Babbel chooses specific goals for themselves, and then Babbel gives the learner curriculum designed for them. Babbel’s curriculum is also built around a learner’s native language, so lessons build on grammar and language concepts the learner already knows.

Can Babbel be shared? You can access your Babbel account across several devices, however, your data will automatically sync across all of your devices. This makes it difficult to share an account with someone because you will each be at different stages of learning, and you likely have different goals.

Finding time for your language learning in your busy schedule can be challenging, but there are several ways Babbel can help you learn a language as you multitask. Babbel audio features can even be used while you’re driving. For some languages, Babbel offers podcasts, so you can turn a podcast on while you’re driving or cooking dinner to get your language learning done for the day.

But, can Babbel be used offline? Yes! If you download the Babble mobile app, you can select “offline mode,” which will download your next language lesson to your phone the next time you have access to WiFi. That means, you will need to have WiFi to download new lessons, but you can complete your lessons from anywhere once they’re downloaded.

How much does Babbel cost?

Babbel is a monthly subscription that costs a few dollars every month.

Babbel has four subscription options available at different costs:

  • 1 month of access to Babbel costs $13.95

  • A 3-month subscription to Babbel costs $9.95 per month

  • A 6-month subscription to Babbel costs $8.45 per month

  • A 12-month subscription to Babbel costs $6.95 per month

You may have heard that Babbel was offering discounted lifetime subscriptions at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. But, is Babbel’s lifetime subscription real?

A Babbel lifetime subscription is indeed real. New users can purchase a lifetime subscription to Babble from Mashable for $299. This option is not on Babbel’s website, but several tech publications wrote about how to access the deal.

So, if you buy a 12-month subscription, is Babbel free for 6 months?

Sort of. A 12-month subscription to Babbel is only $6.95 per month. If you were to purchase access to Babbel for only one month for six months, rather than purchasing a subscription, the cost would be $13.95 per month. So, with a 12-month subscription, you’re saving 50% of the normal cost.

When you subscribe to Babbel, you get full access to courses and learning levels in the language you want to learn. That means Babbel does charge per language. If you want to learn another language, you will need to buy another subscription.

Babbel’s 20-day, money-back guarantee allows users to get a full refund if they are not satisfied with their experience on Babbel within 20 days of purchasing a subscription. Contact customer service within 20 days to get a refund.

So, if you don’t like Babbel, or you’re done using it, is it easy to cancel Babbel? Canceling your Babbel subscription will depend on how you subscribed to Babbel in the first place. For people who purchased a subscription directly from Babbel, you can simply log in to your Babbel account and cancel your account in your profile settings. If you subscribed to Babbel through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll need to cancel your subscription through those services instead. If you don’t remember how you subscribed, you can check your original invoice.

Maybe you just don’t want to pay. How do you get Babbel for free?

You can get Babbel for free if you are lucky. Babbel offers gift subscriptions, so you can give or receive a free subscription to Babbel if someone buys it as a gift to you. Also, you can check with your employer or school to see if they have a Babbel subscription. Some companies offer Babble to employees to help with training, so you may have free access to Babbel without realizing it.

Babbel also launched free tiers of its service for high school and college students during the coronavirus pandemic to help them learn from home, according to an article in TechCrunch.

Is there a free version of Babbel?

There is a free version of Babbel for users who just want to explore the platform. It is free to register for an account with Babbel, and you will receive the first lesson in every course for free. You will need to purchase a subscription to access any content beyond that point.

How are Babbel lessons structured?

You can learn a total of 14 languages on Babbel through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

According to a review in PC Magazine, most of the exercises on Babbel involve filling in missing words into sentences, spelling words, writing short phrases, translating, and repeating words and phrases out loud. Babbel uses voice recognition software to guide you through pronunciation exercises, or you can turn your microphone off.

During a lesson, you’ll need to pay attention to word spellings and context clues. Some users suggest taking notes as you go and practicing spelling vocabulary words to help study.

Babbel: Pros and cons

So, what do actual users have to say about using Babbel? Here’s a summary of some of the most common advantages and disadvantages mentioned in online reviews.

Most common Babble advantages from Trustpilot reviews:

  • The lessons are intuitive

  • You learn realistic words and phrases

  • The platform is easy to understand

  • It helps review a language you learned in the past

  • Babbel shows you what mistakes you made, and how to fix them

Most common Babble disadvantages from Trustpilot reviews:

  • The lessons can feel simple and boring after a while

  • Unsubscribing from Babble can be confusing

  • Technical issues can make the website or app unavailable

  • Some users are surprised by Babble’s subscription that automatically renews

Is Babbel worth it?

Yes, it is worth paying for Babbel if you are determined to learn a new language and you are comfortable learning online.

Since Babbel is completely virtual, you will need to be able to hold yourself accountable and stay consistent with your learning. Babbel is also one of the more affordable online language learning platforms, so it’s a good option if you are looking to save some money.

Can Babbel make you fluent?

By now you should know that Babbel is a legitimate and safe way to learn a new language.

But you may be wondering, what level does Babbel get you to? Does Babbel work for learning languages?

Babbel likely will not get you completely fluent in a new language, but it can help you learn the basics, master some skills, and get ready for upcoming trips or occasions when you’ll need to speak your new language.

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